Wednesday, February 9, 2011


        A while back, I was drawing during church and this kid named Michael ((couldn't have been older than 5 yrs. old)) hovered over the back of my chair and watched. Michael then asked me to draw a picture of Spiderman. After I finished my drawing, Michael told me he liked it, then asked if he could have a sheet of paper so that he could draw too. So I quietly ripped out a piece of paper, gave it to him, and wondered what he was gonna do with it. Michael ended up drawing his ((Way Cooler  than mine)) version of Spiderman! After he finished his version of Spiderman and showed me, he then said, " I'll trade you my drawing for yours." I didn't hesitate to say "of course," and we swapped drawings. So unfortunately I cannot take credit for this awesome drawing that I have posted for today. All credit is due to another inspiring individual that I have met. - Thanks Mike