Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lukas Zanger

Pastel on paper"16 x 20"

This is part one of two commissioned pieces that I had been asked
to do for a family that resides in Hollister California. I had a lot of 
fun with this one. I will post the second piece tomorrow.


  1. Really cool man, love the red/green contrast going on in the face.

  2. Hi, Tim! Thank you for visiting my blog. Lovely portrait. Your art works are nice! Particualrly, I love your drawings of other students. Me, too, did it at uni and professors were victims, woops, not, subejcts and noble models:);).
    Cheers, Sadami

  3. Cool portrait, man. I like the style and the volume on his face.

  4. Thank you. I had a ton of fun experimenting with the color in this one!

  5. Great work, I love the greens. I wait for tomorrow.

  6. Thank you. Posting just anything everyday has been interesting experience.